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Introducing Our Exquisite Almond Rings Baklawa! 🌟

Experience perfection with Gur Naal Ishq’s latest creation: Almond Rings Baklawa. Combining the buttery richness of traditional baklawa with premium almonds, each bite promises a delightful crunch and symphony of flavors.

Why Our Almond Rings Baklawa Stands Out:

  • Premium Quality Baklawa: Crafted with delicate, flaky layers that melt in your mouth, showcasing centuries-old pastry craftsmanship.

  • Finest Almonds: Sourced from the finest orchards, roasted to perfection for enhanced sweetness and a satisfying crunch.

Indulge in the unparalleled quality and richness of Gur Naal Ishq’s newest creation. Elevate your dessert experience with Almond Rings Baklawa. Order now and savor the luxurious taste of tradition and craftsmanship.

Baklava - Almond Rings

PriceFrom ₹650.00
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